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How to Paint a Car and Import it Into the game FOR FREE

My first tutorial so it may not be as good as you think

First off, if you have photoshop or Paint Shop Pro use that, but if you don't, download this free painting program called GIMP, which you can get right here:  You may use this program to paint anything

Once you've downloaded it and have set it up, watch this tutorial on how to use it:

Here are some websites for painting materials (download the .psd version (.psp for paint shop pro users) of every template, sponsor, etc.)

There are more sites than these too

OK, you've painted your car and your ready to put it in the game, here's what you do.

First, still in Gimp, you save your paint as a .tga file. For example: car1.tga. Save it in your C/Papyrus/Nascar Racing 2003 Season/Exports_Imports

Next, Open NR2003, select the mod that matches your template, and go into opponent manager. Create a new car under the manufacture your car is(template tells you). Click Import, and find your car file.

And there! You've painted a car and put it into the game! Forum Index -> NR2003
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